Trondheim, Norway's Innovation Capital

Trondheim, Norway's Innovation Capital

Trondheim is Norway’s historical capital city, having transformed over the past one thousand years into a vibrant knowledge hub that is today known as Norway’s Technology Capital.

Trondheim's application video for iCapital 2018:

With a small but steadily increasing population of under 400,000 within the region, Trondheim is home to Norway’s largest university, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Scandinavia’s largest private research organisation, Sintef. This translates into a dynamic citizen population where one in five inhabitants are registered students and one in seven inhabitants work within the knowledge and innovation sectors, heavily focussed on green technology.

With a public sector that incorporates new innovative services from the cradle to the grave and augments democracy by partnering with the private sector, academia and civil society, making it an effective quadruple-helix model city. For instance, Trondheim’s largest innovation hub, DIGS, arranged over 600 multi-purpose co-creation events in 2017 together with the private, public and citizen sectors.

These considerations, along with a driven provincial and municipal government whom have signed Europe’s most comprehensive Municipality-City collaboration agreement (University-City 3.0 Agreement), provides the ultimate premise for an interactive living lab. Students, researchers and citizens alike are encouraged and willing to test their ideas out and co-create methodology to mitigate global challenges, using Trondheim as a starting arena.

About Trondheim Nordic City Lab

The purpose of the City Lab is to be a test facility for Smart City solutions and a showroom for new innovative initiatives. The Trondheim Nordic City Lab functions as a playground for partners, a test facility for current and future EU initiatives, and a place where Trondheim can develop its digital citizenship, all the while creating a fun and exciting urban arena.

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